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Press Release

Press Release

EZ Protein Releases Upgraded Version of “the Keurig of Protein Shakes”

PUEBLO, Colo. – EZ Protein is set to release the second generation of its revolutionary machine and offer pre-order options for the first time. This machine is, literally, shaking up the world of protein drinks. Until now, the millions of protein shake consumers have had to measure the powder, or their own personal mixture of powders, then measure the liquid and hope they could shake a bottle long and hard enough to achieve a mixture smooth enough to drink without evoking a gag reflex.

Seventeen-year-old Ryan Madic, a Pueblo, CO, high school student, invented the machine that solves the annoying and time-consuming aspects of mixing a protein drink. Similar to how the Keurig coffee machines changed the world of coffee, the EZ Protein Machine will revolutionize the way people are consuming protein (without all of the K-cups, of course). And, the EZ Protein Machine doesn’t require consumers to purchase specially made cups. They can continue using their usual protein powders by filling the three separate powder compartments in the machine, providing them with up to six weeks of shakes, depending on usage. Users can mix the powders or use a single type as desired. The water container, which holds 72 ounces, allows for ease of use with any cup or travel container. No special shakers or cups are necessary.

Madic’s accomplishment won him a spot in the SoCo Entrepreneurship Competition, and a call-back “audition” for the TV program “Shark Tank.”

The EZ Protein Machine goes above and beyond with the inclusion of a simple, intuitive electronic interface for users. This next generation will include the ability to use Bluetooth® and wi-fi connections to allow users to control the machine through the EZ Protein phone app, which is planned to roll out next year.

“We have a phenomenal team with lots of experience, including manufacturing, marketing, product design, IT, and most importantly, protein!

With your help, we are ready to revolutionize the world of protein!

To learn more and to pre-order the EZ Protein Machine, visit the company’s website at

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